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Become a
Service Center

Looking for additional revenue? Potential clients? Become a Service Center with Safe Guard and LifeSafer!

We Invite You to Partner with an Ignition Interlock Leader!

With SafeGuard, as with LifeSafer, we understand that a key component to providing the best IID services is creating a network of trained IID service professionals. Choosing to become a LifeSafer Authorized Provider through SafeGuard adds many benefits to your current business including increased revenue, profitability, and customer traffic. It’s a fact that IID Clients strongly prefer to use ‘their own’ service location for any vehicle repairs. This generates future customers for you, and also provides an increase to your business profits by servicing IID equipment.

Why LifeSafer?

LifeSafer is a pioneer in the Ignition Interlock industry having provided IID services for more
than three decades. LifeSafer products are designed and engineered to ensure safe, sober
drivers while simultaneously helping our Clientele to return immediately to the road. LifeSafer
operates in 47 States and provides tens of thousands of drivers with IID servicing every month.


We’re confident you’re choosing the best & most experienced IID industry partner in LifeSafer!

SafeGuard Interlock is an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) for LifeSafer products. Our office is
managed by personnel with many years of legal and IID expertise. Our Service Center locations
are provided superior initial training and ongoing support. We are a local company that takes
pride in our work; we ensure a higher quality of service to our Clients and Centers alike!

Why SafeGuard?

The LifeSafer Authorized Provider Program:


1 / Zero Financial Investment

o No start-up costs, annual fees, or penalties if you decide IID isn’t a good fit,
o Utilization of LifeSafer PLUS software at no cost, and
o Provision of all inventory- simply order more equipment when you need it.

2 / Comprehensive Training Provided:

o How to Install IID equipment and relay the best Client instruction,
o How to conduct Monthly Monitor/Calibrations and Remove IID equipment,
o How to access to 24/7 technical support and refer Client questions, and
o Service provider intranet access.

3 / Additional Location Benefits:

o Increased traffic to advertise your core business,
o Year-round Clientele returning for service,
o Supplemental customer base and income to your business,
o Flexible scheduling for IID servicing, and
o Supporting public safety within your business community.

How Does It Work?

1. Call us at 651-400-7116 or send an email inquiry to We’d be happy to provide more information and answer any questions you have!

2. SafeGuard will assist in completing the required documents and submitting them to LifeSafer for processing. Once complete, IID equipment is ordered for your location.

3. SafeGuard schedules training at your location to provide IID mechanical, software, and Client instruction. Better training generates faster service (Monitor appointments average just 10 minutes) and helps to ensure greater customer satisfaction!

4. Your location displays on SafeGuard & LifeSafer websites. We set up your availability for IID services based on your business calendar, and we answer phone calls for service.

5. Clients return for IID Monitor/Calibration services at your location every 30 days, or every 60 days, depending on the payment option they select.

6. Your location is paid an immediate fee per Client visit, and monthly for all Client services provided. Payments are by direct deposit to your preferred banking institution.

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