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About Us

We know the best because we are the best!


Owned and operated by a Criminal Defense Attorney with over 20 years of experience with over half of that in DUI cases. Our top priority is to ensure our clients are successful in their programs. Given our experience and knowledge working with other ignition lock companies, we know the industry better than anybody, so we've chosen to work exclusively with LifeSafer and Guardian.


Lifesafer and Guardian provide you with the smallest and easiest-to-use systems for your Alcohol Interlock needs. Discreet and ready-to-go, there isn't a better option to get your program started! 

Meet the Team

Our team is the best in the business! From getting you properly set up to a proper and quick installation, there isn't a better team. We know our way around Alcohol Interlock programs so you can leave with a solidified program, setting you up for success. 

Contact Us!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding your Alcohol Interlock program. Our fantastic team is ready to assist you. Click the button below to get directions and a phone number or fill out our installation request!

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